About Association


Brief Acknowledgement about SIA

Sitapura industrial area was build up in 1990. At that time renowned industrialists discussed and decided to create a power full organization; which can help to industrialists to dissolving their various problems at ground level and at departments level regarding area’s development, many issues related to industries development at ground level, clearance, fundamental structures, principally facilities, interruptions, red tapism, and also develop a power full delegation of industrialists who can perform sitapura industrial area’s mainly problems and requirements to direct riico office and other government and non-government departments, so that this area can grow speedily and safely. So that’s why that renowned industrialists build up sitapura industries association a power full efficient prominent organization in 26 April 1996. Many big companies were in working condition at that time. From beginning of this SIA organization it is dissolving all types of many kinds of problems related to area, industrialist’s establishment, fundamentally necessaries, principally facilities and requirements for growth in all manners.

In present situation, whole at a glance this area has spread almost in 30 acr and expanding regularly. Almost 2300 to 2500 existing running companies and almost 5-6 lakhs people are in area at this time. Almost 600-700 garment industries, almost 300-400 jewellery industries, almost 500-600 wooden handicrafts industries, almost 500-600 wire and cables industries, plastic dana powder industries, different kind of exporters and importers, traders industries are manufacturing and productioning. Except of above these here are various kind of msme industries, shopping complexes, schools, colleges, universities, iti, vocational training institutions, local markets, clinics, dispensaries, hospitals, nursing colleges, software mfg companies, mnc’s, fmcg industries, chemical oils, edible oils, flour industries, cemented & ceramic products, water storages tanks, pvc molding industries, corrugated boxes papers industries, testing labs, allopathic & ayurvedic & homeopathic medicines manufacturers, paper industries,…………etc. are participating in growth & development of this largest area. Hotels, restaurants, temples, hostels, public parks, community parks, jewellery exporters zone, garment exporters zone, phase-1,2,3,4, epip, sez-0,1,2 zone, electronic zone, software it zone, apparel park zone, extensions as vidhani industrial area, ramchandrapura industrial area, residential colonies, few small old villages (sheopur, khusar, ramchandrapura, balaji market, sukhpuria, goner…..etc.), 10 connectivity roads, every kind of service providers, 2 petrol pumps, 15 banks, financial organizations, security agencies, 10 government departments (riico ltd., jvvnl, phed, bsnl, police station, fire brigade station, rfc, migration deptt., cwh, post office,……...etc.) and 10 various segments associations (SIA, AGES, GEAR, SGJIA, EZWS, WCMS, WHMA, RRWS, WFMA, PMA,…..etc.)are existing and supporting industrial world here.

The main specialty and facility of this area and this SIA organization is : the always support and safely development of all kind whether it is industrialist or familiarity. This area and organization is growing developing expanding very speedily and providing satisfaction to all.